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Darfur Now - Photo credit: Lynsey Addario © 2007 AIW Documentary, LLC and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Photo credit: Lynsey Addario
© 2007 AIW Documentary, LLC
and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The story of Darfur in the African nation of Sudan is one of the most horrific and heartbreaking episodes of modern genocide.

For nearly a decade, the people of the Darfur section of the Sudan have been massacred and driven from their homes as the government continues attempts to stop a rebellion.

Living in refugee camps, in many cases without the basic necessities for survival, the displaced Fur tribal members are dying from starvation, malnutrition and continuing attacks by the government forces.

For too many years, the situation went unnoticed by the world as horror stories multiplied. Slowly public awareness began to focus on the genocide and then... Don Cheadle went to Africa to make Hotel Rwanda. He learned first hand of the massacres and what the conflict was doing to the people of Darfur.

Cheadle explained to an interviewer from Germany, "We visited one camp near the city of Tine that had 40,000 people living in it and now there were 200. It's shocking to see the kind of devastation that occurred there and to know that it is still going on."

On his return, he made his mission to get information out about Darfur. He returned to the area with George Clooney and both have been active in using their celebrity to focus attention on this issue and getting others to help...

Their activities led to inspiration for a documentary to raise awareness and help end the conflict as well as the horror.

The press release for the documentary Darfur Now includes this advice:

If someone wants to help, what would you suggest they do?

Follow your instincts and own curiosity. Take stock of who you are and what you have to offer, learn what you can about the conflict and come to your own conclusions.

If you're a talker - talk to people about Darfur. If you're a money person, do something with money. If you think of yourself as a parent and care about kids, look into the ways kids have been affected and how you can help. Rallies can be fun, but not everyone's a rally person. Giving money is helpful, but not everyone has money to spare.

I've heard Don say over and over, "When people ask what can I do, I turn the question around and ask them, 'well, what can you do?'" ...

Start small and realistic and just take one step. That alone can make a huge difference.

What we can do is try to help spread the word...

For his work in Darfur, actor Don Cheadle received the BET Humanitarian Award.

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