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green jobsThe green job industry is set to be one of the fastest growing job sectors in the coming years as more and more people demand environmentally friendly products and services.

Today, most of the green jobs that exist are for professionals and the employees of big business.

These industries and businesses recognize that consumers want the same products and services they're getting now to be produced and delivered in a more environmentally way. For instance, many consumer electronics producers make the same product but using recycled materials or more environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques to satisfy consumer demand.

The future of green jobs

The many green jobs that will be coming in the future, however, are the kinds of jobs that most people would consider green jobs.

Environmentally sustainable farmers, builders and architects who specialize in building and renovating with green techniques and materials, and trades workers who specialize in alternative energy technologies are all professions that will be in high demand.

This is not to say that these jobs don't exist now, but the demand is set to increase a great deal as the political will to deal with environmental problems becomes more pronounced.

According to one study, the current number of 8.5 million U.S. jobs in the clean energy and energy-efficiency industries could grow to as many as 40 million by 2030.

Along with careers in ecotourism, the vast majority of greens jobs of the future will center on the installation of various green technologies. There are thousands and thousands of solar panels, waste water recycling systems, and energy efficient renovations that will need to be installed, both on old homes and on newly built homes.

In addition, the very nature of green jobs is that they are local and difficult to outsource, with an opportunity for traditionally trained construction works, electricians, and builders to retrofit their careers to meet the growing demand for green collar workers now and in the decades to come.

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