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There are many fine green publications that are feeding the recent spurt of desire for more information and opinion on everything green.

The most popular green publication, however, is over a hundred and twenty years old, which really demonstrates that the public's interest in the environment is certainly nothing new.

National Geographic Magazine published its first issue in 1888. Since then, the magazine has documented countless geographic explorations and is known for both its riveting articles and breathtaking pictures, which have undoubtedly inspired thousands of people to take action and practice environmental sustainability.

Grist is another extremely popular green magazine. Grist is unlike many environmental magazines in that it offers a more thought provoking, satirical look at everything to do with the environment.

Grist also has a very strong online presence. The magazine's website is home to a popular blog, and the website has won several awards, including two Webby Awards for Best Magazine in 2005 and 2006.

WorldWatch Institute is actually a research organization based in Washington D.C. that formed a magazine in 1988 to help disseminate the research the organization was doing.

The WorldWatch Institute focuses on solutions for a more environmentally sustainable society by developing strategies, data, and analysis, which it publishes in its magazine and various policy papers.

Yes! magazine is another popular green publication. Yes! typically focuses on one single topic for each issue of the magazine, but covers that topic in depth, exploring it from a variety of viewpoints and offering readers the opportunity to explore the topic further and get involved themselves in making a difference on that particular topic. Yes! is also printed completely on recycled paper, and so practices what it preaches.

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