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The past has never been more engaging - or more accessible - since the Internet replaced the local public library for one-stop browsing for access to primary historical resources, history homework help, historical timelines and "you-are-there" multimedia history extravaganzas.

Check out our top Web picks for comprehensive resources to prehistoric times, ancient history, the Middles Ages & Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, on up to hi-tech discoveries of the 20th century, as well as specific guides to major eras just up ahead ....

ancient egypt Ancient Egypt medieval history Middle Ages 18th century history 18th Century
greek history Ancient Greece renaissance history Renaissance 19th century history 19th Century
roman history Ancient Rome 17th century history 17th Century 20th century history 20th Century

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More about history around the Web:

Librarian's Internet Index - History - World history categorized by geographical area with links to historic sites and buildings, history by era including ancient, medieval and renaissance history, military battles, Jewish and Islamic history, the age of discovery, and lots more.

The History Channel - The cable TV channel with all history, all the time. featuring video clips, eye-candy filled presentations, historical timelines, classroom resources, and a discussion board.

Best of History Websites - Links to engaging presentations by media powerhouses like PBS, CNN & the Metropolitan Museum of Art by era or subject matter, including prehistory, ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern & 20th century history.

PBS | History - Check out some of public television's greatest hits, including The American Experience & American Masters series, Frontline, Nova, Ken Burn's American Stories, and P.O.V.

EyeWitness to History - What were the sights & sounds of a 19th century slave auction? How did the assassination of Thomas Becket go down exactly? The next best thing to being there with first-person accounts of historic events with related photos & illustrations.

BBC History - Ancient History - We have to admit we were lured in by the multimedia games - but take the full tour to experience the full depth & breadth of this amazing site that pulls you in at Ancient Egypt and spits you out during the rise of the Viking era. For more cool historical eras, tool around the right-hand menu...

NetSERF - Peruse top resources for medieval art, literature, discoveries, cathedrals, the Church, popes & priests, kings, queens & other notable people, medieval medicine, scientific discoveries and lots more in this complete guide to the Middle Ages. Also check out headline stories featuring current news relating to the era.

Renaissance - A first impression makes this appear to be an excellent teacher's guide to the era chapter by chapter, but dig deeper to "Read More About" a selected topic for links to renaissance discoveries, the Age of Exploration, a virtual renaissance town, the great artists & thinkers, interactive lessons and related resources.

The Library of Congress - One of the world's great collections at your fingertips with access to historical documents on American history & folklore, maps, audio & video presentations, as well as a global gateway to world history links picked by library experts.

People's Century - More PBS wizardry featuring eyewitness interviews and audio excerpts from people who lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the Holocaust, rock and roll, the hippy generation, with additional links and teacher resources to the 20th century.


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