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ballotOccupy Wall Street was born from a loosely organized New York City grass roots protest in September 2011.

The movement took only weeks to become a social cause celebre as the jobless were joined by senior citizens, students, and Hollywood stars. Politicians, labor unions and activists from around the world soon joined in to lend their support to what has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

With the promise of US unemployment figures hovering at 9% or more for the foreseeable future, and a college education becoming more out of reach for many of its youth, more US cities have already signed up for similar 'Occupy' movements including San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Portland, Oregon, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Sacramento, and Trenton, New Jersey

Outside the U.S., London, England as well as Montreal, and Calgary Canada also have voices raised in protest for economic equality at the local and national levels.

occupy wall street photosOther protests are now promising to gear up in at least 25 other international cities that stretch from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires to Dublin in the weeks ahead.

Although Occupy Wall Street was initially criticized for a lack of focus, the protest has since coalesced under a single banner, "We are the 99%" protesting the 1 percent of the wealth being accumulated by the super rich — as the working poor are left to fend for themselves.

In addition to individual support for the movement, workers unions which have announced their support for street demonstrations include the AFL-CIO, United Steel Workers, the American Federation of Musicians, the United Transit Workers, and the United Federation of Teachers.

While the movement reinvents itself, the question remains whether governments will respond with more equitable policies in regard to banking regulations, home mortgages, taxation, education, and affordable health care.

Meanwhile, around the Web, learn more about Occupy Wall Street and other such movements that continue to grow, as a worldwide recession threatens to leave millions more homeless, jobless, and without much else to do but to take to the streets...

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