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Male and female gender symbolsJust ask any teen, and "complicated" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Ideally a deep and intimate expression of love between two people, sex often becomes everybody's business when religion, politics, and a general sense of what's right and what's wrong with sex overrides the basic animal urge.

Birds do it, bees do it

Throughout the animal kingdom, the basic instinct to procreate rules sexual behavior in conjunction with the seasons and cycles of nature.

Simple? Not exactly. The animal kingdom has its own complex societal groups, with battles for supremacy as foretold in Darwin's theory. The female sex will always choose the flashiest, strongest, or best provider among their choicest of mates. As a result, epic clashes are sometimes fought among the males, and not only for food and shelter, but to determine whose genes will influence forever the prosperity of the species down the line.

Sex and human society

Especially when it comes to sexual coupling, a longing for "good, better, best" is still felt in a strong longing for healthy kids, food, shelter, and other creature comforts. Given that the human animal hasn't strayed too far from their primal cousins, the controversy begins when human sexuality is mixed with a healthy dose of traditional morality, sprinkled liberally with centuries old religious teachings, and complicated by government laws and medical establishment warnings (along with vagaries of the heart and mysteries of the human brain). It becomes quickly evident how hot a hot button issue sex can become.

A recent history of sex

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Today, as science and the medical community help to unlock the chemical wiring of sexual preference, even trans-gendered people have been given the opportunity to tell their stories on afternoon talk shows.

Along with AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, bisexuality and homosexuality, the politics of same-sex marriage remains highly controversial and still capable of making headline-making news.

After the 60's sexual revolution, it's easier to legislate sex education in the classroom, but the thornier issue of teen pregnancy, for example, continues to evade stricter regulation. Still more difficult is the attempt to infuse moral religious teaching into law, especially when it involves governing the sexual practices of consenting adults, or even teens who choose to become sexually active at an early age.

Turning attention to a more mainstream sexual revolution this century, the introduction of erectile dysfunction medications now also holds the promise of prolonged sexual activity among couples until well into middle age, and beyond.

So where is sex going?

Around the Web, dig deeper into the topic with information on the simpler pleasures of sex and its health benefits, the history of human sexuality and its natural affinity for comic relief, along with related news and controversies featured at expert sites that try to unravel and illuminate the fascinating story of human sexuality.

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