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Suggest A Great Information Resource

>We appreciate our visitors suggestions for easy to use informational Web sites that provide the best in online resources and information on their topic. Thanks!

If you use an incredible resource site which we missed, please suggest it for consideration. Include the category where it should be added, and a short description of the content and subject matter in order for us to refer it to the appropriate review team.

If you're an online store or e-commerce Webmaster, read on....

The secret behind getting a listing in the Directory

Here's information you might find helpful:
Build content around your product.

First: we never, ever except paid listings in our reviewed site sections!

What we will do is read over your site carefully to see the balance between what you have to sell, and the consumer information you provide. If the scales tip in favor of selling over information, your site suggestion will be rejected.

However, if like many Webmasters who have seen the benefit of providing their customers with expert and unbiased information in relation to their product or service, you may get our attention. ("Hey, here's something helpful here, let's read on...") It's not rocket science, but you'd be surprised to find out how many Webmasters don't get the basic principle.

A special note to new e-commerce Webmasters: Build a site and they will come, but only if you provide visitors with a site that is rich in information and related resources on any given topic. Not only will you increase your chances of getting a listing with us, but you'll make your site that much more 'search engine friendly' in the process.

Remember...the Directory is trying to make online resources easier to find. To do that, we only list the best sites with the most user friendly design, navigation, information, resources, and links to other great sites with even more information on their topic.

We Do Not Accept Site Suggestions From:
  • search engine optimizers
  • link building managers or teams

Please understand that the mission of the 'Guide to the Best Sites' Directory is to collect the best Internet resources and information. We are not meant to be an all inclusive directory. There are many directories that do accept any site, we are not that kind of directory. We only list sites that are designed with ease-of-use and rich resources as the main goal.

If you would like to advertise your own e-commerce or business site... we accept advertising. For information on rates and placement details, please visit our How to advertise on page.

That said....

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