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Greenwich Village Street Fair When the warm spring weather begins in April, New Yorkers take to the streets.

Just try to imagine a state fair - without the livestock - arranged within a few city blocks and you'll begin to see why these fairs and street festivals are so popular with New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Forget the calories and start with the food

You'll be walking enough to burn off a few of the calories in the delicious zeppoles or the sausage and pepper heros. Stop by a crepe stand for the closest thing to Paris street food that you'll find on this side of the Atlantic.

Chinese, West Indian and Indian food can be found at most of the fairs - along with gyros, lots of other ethnic foods and a good sampling of traditional American treats. One of the most famous street fairs, The Ninth Avenue Food Festival, provides samples of gourmet restaurant offerings from some of the top chefs in the area in mid-May. Another great New York tradition, the Feast of San Gennaro, rounds out the New York street fair schedule with a Festa Italiana not to be missed in mid-September.

Walk, eat, shop

At most New York street fairs, there are bargains to be had - especially if you're looking for socks or cosmetics, rugs, houseplants, hand crafted jewelry... the list goes on. While some of the pricier items are for tourists, you may find a keepsake that is worth spending a bit extra for.

Most of the vendors are willing to haggle a little, especially at the end of the day. Know your prices and don't assume that because it's being sold at a street fair you are getting a bargain.

San Gennaro street fair, Little Italy
One of the NYC's oldest street fairs, the 91st annual Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy happens in September.

Music of the streets

As you walk through the streets, you'll be entertained by local radio stations booming out their sounds, along with live performances drawing crowds of appreciative listeners. The demonstration infomercials by vendors of kitchen slicers often combine with the music and the hum of the crowd - to create a city symphony you won't find in any concert hall.

2017 New York street fairs & festivals schedule

Dates subject to change - Check back often for updates.

May 20, 21 - Ninth Avenue Food Festival, 9th Ave from 42nd St to 57th St
May 21 - Fabulous 5th Avenue Festival, Fifth Ave from St John to 12th St
May 21 - Bryant Park Community Fair, 41st St between 6th and 7th Aves
May 26 - Grand Central Food Festival, 43rd Street from 3rd to Lexington Ave
May 27 - Midtown West Spring Fair, 8th Ave from 52nd to 50th St
May 28 - Lexington Avenue Spring Festival, Lexington Ave from 42nd to 57th St
May 28 - Livable West Side Festival, 73rd to 86th St on East Side of Broadway
May 29 - World Trade Center Community Fair, Fulton St between Broadway and Gold St

June 3 - First Avenue Festival, First Ave from 68th to 79th St
June 3 - Murray Hill Neighborhood Festival, 34th to 40th St, West Side of Park Ave
June 3 - Village Fair and Expo, University Pl from Waverly to 14th St
June 4 - 6th Avenue Springfest, 6th Avenue from 34th to 42nd St
June 4 - Spring Crafts Festival, 65th St to 72nd St on Wesr side of Broadway
June 9 - East Side Food Fair, 54th St from 3rd Ave to Lexington
June 11 - Plantathon and Crafts Fair, 72nd to 86th St on West Side of Broadway
June 11 - NYC Expo, 3rd Ave from 23rd to 34th St
June 13 - Museum Mile Festival, Fifth Avenue from 82nd to 105th St
June 16 - Grand Central Block Party, 41st Street from Third Ave to Lexington
June 17 - Bleecker Street Market, Bleecker St from 8th Ave to Christopher St
June 17 - P.A.L. Festival, University Pl from Waverly Pl to 14th St
June 18 - Avenue of Americas Summer Fair, 6th Ave from 42nd to 56th St
June 23 - NYC Police Museum Fair, Maiden Lane from Water to South S
June 24 - Turtle Bay Festival, Lexington Ave from 42nd to 54th St
June 24 - BAMRA Bleecker Street Festival, Bleecker from 6th Ave to Broadway
June 25 - NYC Gay Pridefest, Hudson Street between Abingdon Square & West 14th St
June 25 - Columbus Circle Broadway Fair, Broadway from 60th to 61st St
June 25 - Liberty Street Fair, Liberty St from Broadway to Church
June 30 - Upper East Side Food Fair, 54th St from 3rd Ave to Lexington

July 1 - Union Square Festival, Broadway from 17th to 23rd St
July 1 - Meatpacking District Fair, 9th Ave from 14th to 15th St
July 2 - Pride on Astor Fair, Astor Pl from Broadway to Lafayette St
July 4 - The Great July 4th Festival, Fulton St from Water to Gold St
July 4th - Macy's Fireworks, Lower Manhattan to Midtown, East River
July 8 - Waverly Place/Washington Sq Fair, Waverly Place from MacDougal to 5th Avenue
July 8 - Hell's Kitchen Community Summer Festival, 8th Ave from 42nd St to 57th St
July 9 - Bastille Day Festival, 60th St from 5th Ave to Lexington
July 9 - Bryant Park Area Fair, 41st St from 6th Ave to Broadway
July 13 - Civic Center Community Fair, Warren St from Broadway to Church St
July 14 - Grand Central Food Festival, 43rd St from 3rd Ave to Lexington
July 15 - Avenue of Americas Expo, 6th Ave from 42nd St to 54th St
July 15 - 6th Avenue Festival, 6th Ave from 14th St to 23rd St
July 16 - Lower Second Avenue Spring Festival, 2nd Ave from 6th St to 14th St
July 16 - Broadway Movie Day Festival, Broadway from 47th to 57th St
July 22 - Times Square Summer Festival, Broadway from 47th to 57th St
July 22 - 60th St Festival, 60th St from 5th Ave to Madison Ave
July 23 - Sixth Avenue Summer Fair, 6th Ave from 34th to 42nd St
July 23 - Vanderbilt Y Festival, Lexington Ave from 42nd to 51st St
July 28 - Grand Central Food Block Party, 41st St between 3rd Ave and Lexington
July 29 - Festival of the Americas, 6th Ave from 42nd to 56th St
July 29 - Astor Place Festival, Astor Place from Lafayette St to Broadway
July 30 - Union Square Festival, Union Square North and 17th St
July 30 - Lexington Avenue Merchandise Fair, Lexington from 34th to 42nd St

Aug 12 - Amsterdam Avenue Fair, Amsterdam Ave from 79th to 86th St
Aug 13 - Broadway Festival, Broadway from Waverly to 14th St
Aug 26 - Washington Square Fair, Waverly Pl from 5th Ave to Univesity Pl
Aug 27 - Fourth Avenue Festival, Fourth Ave from 9th St to 14th St

Sept 9 - Bleecker Street Event, Bleecker St from 7th to 8th Ave
Sept 10 - 3rd Avenue Festival, 3rd Ave from 76th to 86th St
Sept 16 - Daytop Samaritan Kitchen Fair, 9th Ave from 42nd to 55th St
Sept 14-24 - Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy - Mulberry St between Canal and Houston and Grand St between Mott & Baxter
Sept 30 - 6th Avenue Festival, 6th Ave from 8th St to 14th St

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