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rainy day"I'm bored!"

Whether it's in school, on the weekends, holidays or summer vacation - they're the three words that any parent dreads to hear.

So... What to do with the kids when they're stuck in the house on rainy days?

When there's nothing to do and everyone is stuck indoors... it's time to get creative. You may not consider yourself an artsy type, but there are plenty of simple projects that even the most craft challenged adult can manage. It's actually an advantage to have no crafting skills. You will have to stick to projects that are easy enough to let the kids work on their own. Really crafty parents often choose creations that leave the kids frustrated and even more bored than they were before the "fun" began!

Origami, anyone?

What could be simpler? Take a piece of paper and fold it a few times. Voilà, you've made a cool creature or a new toy! The best part is that you don't need any scissors, paint or glue which makes cleanup a lot easier!

Remember to choose carefully when you're planning art projects. Consider the age and realistic abilities of your kids. The goal is to have fun, not have them fighting when they get in over their heads.

The Transforming 8 Pointed Ninja Star in this video looks tough to make, but is really simple. The finished product is a great toy that can be thrown around the living room without breaking anything or leaving dents in any kids! Find more origami for kids at these family friendly pages like Origami for Kids.

Circle and bean bag games

Remember playing Ring Around a Rosie or the Hokey Pokey? Hours of fun and good indoor exercise wrapped in giggles! The youngest toddlers as well as the most sophisticated tweens can all get into these retro activities that make rainy hours fly by.

Bean bags play a part in many circle games and are easy to make if you don't have any handy.

Just get a few of those single socks you just can't throw away and recycle them into homemade bean bags. Rice or dried beans are great stuffing, but can make the beanbags into dangerous missiles if things get out of hand.

Try filling the sock with shredded paper and add rice to give your beanbags enough weight to work... but not enough to cause damage! Have your video camera on the ready and you can create your own 'bean bag dance video show' to end the fun with a quiet activity!

More rainy day activities around the Web:

With a little help from the Internet, the ideas for banishing boredom and blues from your rainy days are endless. When it's storming outside, get all the inside info you need - at top sites offering great ideas & helpful suggestions for keeping the kids happy with instructions for arts & crafts, indoor scavenger hunts, easy kid-friendly cooking projects, kids party games, and more fun ideas for inside activities that will produce smiles on any stormy afternoon... .

Crayola Arts & Crafts - Sign up for free registration, then get out the crayons for tons of craft ideas with instructions, plus loads more downloadable coloring pages for fun rainy day distractions.

A to Z Kid Stuff Rainy Days - More hands-on ideas for making a milk jar dollhouse, do-it-yourself stickers, and paper beads, with related games & activities.

Active Play for Rainy Days - Expert advice from a professional day care center for rain day fun for toddlers including indoor picnics, parades & pretend games.


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