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Sand sculpture can range from simple
to semi-elaborate, like this sandcastle
constructed along a summer lakefront.


Some people think of surfing, fishing or swimming as the most popular summer beach activities.

But there's nothing like daydreaming away an afternoon building castles in the sand ...

Sandcastle building tools to use

As every kid knows, you'll need a bucket and shovel for hauling the necessary ingredients - water and sand - to your mini construction site. These basics certainly come in handy for building up castle walls and digging out your moat. If you use your hands, be careful of sharp shells or discarded refuse as you dig down.

Also scout around for discarded paper cups to form your turrets, along with smooth beach glass and seashells to decorate and strengthen your completed sand fortress.

Drip castles

A completed "drip" castle.

Along with traditional castle building techniques, also try sand "dribbling". All you'll need is extra water mixed in with your sand to make a slurry or wet sand "mud". Then steadily drip the slurry onto your foundation for a wild and imaginative effect.

Sand sculpture

While sand castles are usually a kid's domain, beach sculpture is becoming ever more popular with adults who enter professional sand sculpture competitions held each summer at beach resorts worldwide.

Whether professional or amateur, the impermanence of sand means that at any moment your creation might be swept out to sea so building castles in the sand should never be taken too seriously. After all, the fun is in the making!

Around the Web, discover more about sand sculpture, building construction and castles at top sites offering ideas, tips & tricks, photos and how to's for fun in the sun - and sand ...

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