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Discovery Animal Scanopedia

Discovery Animal Scanopedia; Discovery Kids Toys, Jakks Pacific Recommended age 3+, MSRP. $39.95 USD. This is one of the coolest toys we've come across this year. It incorporates imaginary play, kid's innate affection for all things animal, and educational information. To us, this is a beautiful thing. Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopedia electronic talking animal encyclopedia can be used on its own, with the included glossy paper, interactive poster, or with Smart Animals figures. The scanner comes with an exclusive white Bengal tiger figure but there are 90 other smart animals to collect. The crew basically loved every thing about this. The older kids liked the collectable aspect of the animals and the full color poster. The younger kids liked the play-ability of the animals. They didn't just have to sit them up on a shelf and admire them from afar, and they actually got to play with them. All the kids (and parents) loved the hand held scanner. It gives you so much information and was so fun and easy to use, that the kids kept coming back for more. You scan the logo on the Smart Animal figure to hear facts and information about that animal and it makes some cool sound effects (like growling or snorting) associated with the specific animal With each new Smart Animal you unlock more of up to 2,500 unique sound effects, facts, and questions. Smart Animals come in sets like Grassland animals, Jurassic dinosaurs, and Cretaceous dinosaurs.

Yeah, dinosaurs too! We were equally excited. The scanner uses 3AA batteries, which are included. The huge, three foot, colorful poster that is included features over 200 scanable animal images to learn about, and the easy-to-use Stylus scanner unlocks sound effects, facts and questions and keeps kids engaged.


Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.

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