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ArrowcopterArrowcopter - made in the USA since 1968.

Price: From $4.95 for a single pack, to $8.95 for a two pack, approx. 99 cents for replacement "Flying Light". Suggested age: 9 years and up, or with adult supervision.

Arrowcopter has been a quiet favorite for years and is a very cool, retro toy. It also bears the welcomed "made in the U.S.A." label. It only goes to prove that sometimes the simplest toys can be the most enjoyable.

The Arrowcopter is an uncomplicated helicopter-style flyer, launched from a rubber band, but the result is great fun. The package says that it can soar up to 300 feet high! I'm not exactly sure how high they go, but they do get some altitude. The Arrowcopter shoots up like an arrow, and at the top of their flight path the wings open up to spin and float down like a helicopter.

You will have a ball launching your Arrowcopters into the sky! Remember to give the kids a turn. Watch the wind and let it fly in an open field away from trees, althought generally they seem to be pretty hard to lose. They even have a series that comes with the "Arrowcopter Flying Light", a replaceable glow stick, for night flights.

If one does get away from you, the modest price makes it less painful. The package has a list of game suggestions and you can even play with existing wind gusts — by shooting your copter into the wind and letting it bring the Arrowcopter back to you.

As far as flying toys go, I like the Arrowcopter and more importantly, your kids will, too.

All around, they are sturdy, economical, and perform as expected.

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