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Barbie Ford Mustang

Power Wheels Barbie Ford MustangFulfill a child's dream. Give them a car they are allowed to drive!

The Power Wheels Fisher Price have many different models to choose from. My daughter got the Barbie Ford Mustang for her birthday this year. There are some things that make being a kid extra fun and that is a power wheels car.

When I looked at the box I thought of all the pieces, screws, stickers, confusing directions, the frustration of it all! Well, total assembly took only 45 minutes!

Now some may be able to accomplish this task faster. I am not inclined to putting things all. It was not my ability that made this insurmountable task possible. It was the impressive easy to read directions and labeling of all parts included! Boy, was I a hero when there the car sat before me and my little ones who thought this was never going to happen! A personal thank you goes out to Power Wheels for helping me impress my children!

There are not too many gadgets to play with but the few features are really fun. A radio that requires 3 AA batteries lights up the dash and makes the horn sounds. Plus the radio lights up and plays cool tunes. When you push the key it makes an engine sound. There is reverse, that should be introduced after going forward has been mastered, low speed and high speed, again introduced only after going slow has been mastered.

Having too many people in your car is dangerous and to help stop this from happening, there is a weight limit of 130 pounds and the car will not run if that limit is exceeded. The 12 volt battery that comes with the car is equipped with a thermal fuse that will trip itself and shut down the vehicle if it is overloaded. In order to restart, you need to wait for 25 seconds then push down on the pedal to drive again. Some other nice safety features are the makeshift seatbelts for both seats. This really just encourages the idea of safety since they fasten with velcro.

You don't need to worry about your child not being able to stop in time. The car stops once the pressure is released from the one pedal that makes the car go. Not to mention that there are only two speeds in the Mustang: 2.5 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour. We aren't talking 0-60 in 10 seconds even if it is Mustang. However, in order to go 5 mph, you must remove the screw from the shifter. It can be reinserted at any time to lock out the high speed option. As a mom, it is nice to know that not only is the car safe but that the children that ride in it will be encouraged to practice and develop safety habits.

Children need supervision when they play with their car. Although you may go over what a safe driving environment is a thousand times, nothing is better than your eyes checking it out first and then sticking around to make sure it stays safe. Plus, take this time to enjoy the memories being made. The next car your child will be driving will not be this safe and you won't be able to just stand on the sidewalk and smile and clap. Almost guaranteed.

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