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Ben 10

ben 10 Inspired by Cartoon Network's wildly popular cartoon series, Ben 10 has been spinning off online games, video games, as well as a best-selling action figure toy line that is about to jump to light speed ....

If you have young boys in the family who are not already Ben 10 obsessed, prepare for an avalanche of advertising hoopa in 2010 surrounding their new line, which toy industry experts say will provide a watershed year for the Ben 10 franchise that continues to urge kids of all ages to "Release Your Inner Alien!"

The new line of Ben 10 toys by Bandai America, arriving in Fall 2010, features Ultimate Alien action figures as well as characters from the classic Ben 10 series. Especially raising eyebrows and excitment among the kiddie set and their parents, the latest Ben 10 additions will include the Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory that affords countless opportunities for imaginative role play to create and combine (ala Transformers) thousands of alien variations.

A perfect spinoff that feeds upon the excitement onscreen, the new line also features a revamped Ominitrix called the Ultimatrix that Ben wears on his wrist in the tv show.
New introductions to the Ben 10 toy line for November-December 2010 ben 10 alien creation chamberBen 10 Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory -  The most innovative of the three new lines, this one builds upon the traditional Ben 10 Alien Creation toys by allowing kids to develop their own unique combinations. Kids simply load the lab with arms, legs, heads and torsos, and with a twist of a knob a new alien is born! With thousands of of alien combinations possible, the Chamber Laboratory is a sort of magic 'lego' set that will help spark young imaginations. Each set includes four three-inch figures and alien 'recipe' cards. ben 10 ultimatrixBen 10 Disc Alien Ultimatrix -  A step up from the show's mysterious Omnitrix (the watch-like device that allows Ben to transform into various alien forms), the Ultimatrix set comes complete with action figures based upon the TV show that pop out with blinking lights, alien sounds, and characters' voices. The Disc Alien Ultimatrix includes an array of popular characters to choose from including Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Swampfire, Nanomech, Amphibian, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, Terraspin and NRG. ben 10 mark 10 deluxe vehicleMark 10 Deluxe Vehicle -  More exciting lights and sounds are featured in The Ben 10 Deluxe Vehicle which comes with missiles and four vehicle modes: racer, hovercraft, submarine, and jet fighter. A specially designed Ben 10 action figure is included.

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