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Bindi Irwin Doll - Outback Wildlife Rescue

Bindi Irwin Doll

Bindi Irwin Doll - Outback Wildlife Rescue; Wild Republic, ages 4+, MSRP $19.99USD It seems only natural for a little girl who lives at a zoo to spread the word of animal conservation. With a Logie and an Emmy award for her work on "Bindi: The Jungle Girl" on her tree house shelf, Bindi Irwin seems to be following in her Wildlife Warrior dad's very illustrious footsteps.

Bindi's Dad is Australia's own legendary Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin. He brought over-the-top enthusiasm and showmanship to wildlife conservation. Bindi is blonde and bubbly and attempting to keep the message going strong in a smaller, sweeter voice.

Wild Republic's line of talking Bindi dolls couldn't be farther from Barbie and Bratz on the toy spectrum, forgoing mini-make-up kits and fake cell phones to teach girls about saving the environment. An age-appropriate doll who wears a khaki Australia Zoo shirt rather than a halter top, you won't find this hiking boot-wearing, wildlife-loving Aussie cruising around in a hot pink convertible. The 10-inch-tall replica of the child star, complete with puffy pigtails and outback garb, is meant to be wholesome and spread Bindi's message about conservation. Wildlife Rescue Bindi is outfitted in removable classic khaki shirt and shorts, wearing hiking boots, and comes with a camera, baby koala bear figure, baby bottle for feeding baby animals, a stethoscope, and field notebook. The talking Bindi doll says 10 different encouraging phrases, recorded by Bindi Irwin herself, including "G'Day Mate! I'm Bindi. I like helping animals and making our world a better place.", "My family means the world to Me.", "Love it, don't hurt it!", "Crikey! Let's go help wildlife."

The doll has a "normal" girl figure, her hair is brush-able, legs bendable, and promotes an awesome message. Bindi's celebrity is most prominent among the preschool crowd but her message hits home with all kids. It's a wonderful alternative for the usual Barbie recipient. Two things the crew would have preferred are bendable arms and a better animal friend, the koala is made of hard, hollow plastic. Better options would have been either a soft, mini stuffed animal, or a more accurately molded rubber one.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.

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