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Boggle, Jr.

Boggle, Jr. GameAges 3 & up

Four cubes to roll and unlimited words to make!

Boggle Jr. is a wonderful game for toddlers. Boggle Jr. is a colorful, sturdy and educational game that has enough variations to keep toddlers interested as their skills increase.

How to play the game:

a) For very young players - players see a game card with a three-letter word and a drawing of the object. Players spell the word out loud, and then use the cubes to find the matching letters and place them in the game tray. As skills improve, four letter words can be included.

b) For older kids, they may select a card from the pile and place it in the plastic game tray. The word is covered up, so that players only see the drawing and must use the cubes to spell from memory.

Why parents love this game:

  • Children increase their object and word recognition skills

  • Children practice their letter recognition and matching skills

  • Parents can instill the love of Boggle for years to come

  • Players learn to share and take turns

  • Help children begin to practice decoding words

  • Allows children to make connections between objects and their names

  • Boggle Jr. can be played with only one player !

  • Learning is fun.


Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: The "Toy Guru" is Odette Cabrera, a mother of two with a background in education and child development, and a very personal interest in toys that are fun, challenging and educational.

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