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Mugen Pop Pop Endless Bubble Popping Keychain

bubble wrap keychainMugen Pop Pop Endless Bubble Popping Keychain; BANDAI, ages 8+, Average retail $9.99

Every kid, no matter how old, I emphasize old, loves bubble wrap. Once you start popping those tiny air filled plastic bubbles you are basically hooked. So much so that you can now go on line and virtually pop.

Now, the quandary is... how can you pop on the go? Problem solved. Mugen Pop Pop Endless Bubble Popping Keychain is a little electronic, rubber keychain with eight push to pop buttons. It requires 2 LR41 batteries (watch batteries), which are included. It also comes in four trendy colors: ice, raspberry, blueberry, and lime. Mugen Pop Pop, a huge craze in Japan, is basically forever Bubble Wrap. Well, not really, but it can satisfy the same push down make it pop urge. The Crew had mixed reactions to this little gadget; from lackluster to cool. It's rubbery, not really air pocket soft like bubble wrap. It can be hard to push, well harder than air filled plastic at least.

The pop is different, and after a 100 or so pop/clicks you get to hear a funny sound of some kind; a beep, chirp, rude sound. This nifty addition opens up the opportunity for you to play with a group. Like a sort of electronic hot potato game, a Pop potato, if you will. All told, it is a pretty cool novelty. It was the biggest hit among tweens who liked that they could add it to their endless array of funky key chains. The crew liked to pop while waiting for the school bus, talking on the phone, watching TV, but we saw no long lasting desire to keep popping. However, every time someone picks one up they started pressing the pop buttons. We also found it to be excellent exercise source — for building texting muscles in the thumbs!

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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