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Camp board gameCamp, by Education Outdoors Inc., Eastport MI, recommended ages 4 & up, average retail price $24.99.

Are you ready to camp all year round? I don't mean sleep in a tent, cook on an open fire, kind of camp, I mean "Camp - The Game That Grows with You".

Camp is a fun new trivia game by Education Outdoors Inc. Its goal is an enjoyable and entertaining learning experience for the whole family, and able to accommodate multi-age players so everyone can join in the fun.

The questions are divided into four levels, 1 for the youngest players; dealing with animal identification and the like, through to level 4 which is a bit more challenging for Mom and Dad. The directions are easy to follow and simple to learn. Play is straightforward enough; roll the kid friendly, jumbo-sized die, move one of the eight Camp character pieces, pick a card, read or answer a question about the great outdoors, and the first one to the campfire wins. You'll have to provide your own S'mores though.

To see the answer to a question, you must use the handy, dandy, secret decoder. A definite bonus for the kids, they love the decoder. In addition to the question and answer cards you'll have many chances along the way to read interesting "fun fact" cards. For instance; did you know that some fish can climb trees? Me either, but it is true.

Each of the cards has a beautiful wildlife photo, many of which were taken at Garlyn Zoological Park, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It takes about a half an hour to play, from start to finish; perfect for little attention spans, and tired parents. Game play is fast paced, and interesting, but best of all it allows everyone to play together on a pretty even playing field. The family can play a quick game before bed, laugh, talk, learn, and enjoy each other's company.

Playing board games is beneficial regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic class. The greatest benefits of playing board games are the social interaction and bonding effect it has on families. Other developmental benefits of playing board games:

  • promotes logical thinking

  • reinforces reading, counting, and math skills

  • develops social skills, through interaction and communication

  • enhances visual perception, and hand-eye coordination

  • boosts language development

  • encourages healthy competition

Besides designing games, being a Dad, and an avid outdoorsman, Camp's creator Tim Paczesny is the founder of a non-profit organization called "The League of Extraordinary Outdoorsmen". The league promotes outdoor activities, like a family fishing day event held once a year during the free fishing weekend in Michigan. Education Outdoors Inc. donates a percentage of their profits to organizations that educate children and families about the great outdoors.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.

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