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Gazillion Bubble Rocket

Gazillion Bubble Rocket assemblyGazillion Bubble Rocket: Funrise Toy Inc., ages 6+, MSRP $16.99US

Who doesn't love bubbles and what kid doesn't enjoy stomping around outside?

What if you could combine the excitement of a stomp rocket and the classic giggle fun of bubbles into one really cool kid powered stomp/bubble device?

Oh wait, Funrise already did that - with the Gazillion Bubble Rocket.

The rocket comes unassembled and includes an 8oz. bottle of Gazillion bubbles. It took the Crew literally a minute and a half to put the rocket together, fill with bubble liquid, and get stomping. And stomp they did.

Bubbles are just for little ones, right? Wrong! All ages enjoyed playing. The best results we had were from our moderate stompers, who produced a steady high flying rocket with a solid trail of bubbles. The heavy footed stompers sent our rocket to the moon, but had barely any bubbles. And our tiny tappers only made it up a few feet, with a few bubbles.

We were surprised at how well it actually did work, because so many bubble accessories look like they will add a cool new twist to bubble blowing, then wind up being disappointing. This simple yet wonderful design really works! We did get quite a bit of spray from the rocket as it took flight, but no one really cared much. Bubbles are an outside, often messy play experience anyway. (The stomp rocket can be used with or without the bubble solution if you'd like.) In short, the Gazillion Bubble Rocket is a real blast, but is a fun educational experience, as well.

Kid-powered air rockets are an excellent example of learning through play. Your kids won't have the slightest idea that they are absorbing the basic fundamentals of force and aerodynamics, cause and effect and, of course, the science of bubbles.

What's more, this perfect summer toy gets kids playing outside and helps enhance large motor skills, thinking, and problem solving. Did we mention enjoying lots of laughs? Or generally having a grand ole time with the Gazillion Bubble Rocket? We certainly did.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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