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Go Bananas!

Go Bananas!For kids 6+

Need an emergency time filler?…

Go Bananas is the perfect game to keep stashed away in your purse, brief case, or computer bag etc… A great inexpensive card game that can go anywhere with you and the family, group or school.

Go Bananas is a silly fun game that gets children laughing. It's fast-paced and although it's fun it helps children practice thinking quickly, and develops their eye hand coordination and matching skills with both numbers and objects.

Object of the game: The first player to collect all the cards wins!

How to play the game: Shuffle all the cards and distribute equally among all the players. Players place their cards in a draw pile in front of them (they need their hands to slap and grab pairs). To start the game, players count "one, two, three" together then draw the top card from their draw pile and place them in the center of the playing area. Once all the players have place their cards down face up it is time for the laughter to begin ...Now the players look to spot and slap two piles containing either Monkey matching opposites, Gotcha Gators or Banana Mush Mash.

Go Bananas is a perfect stocking stuffer and gift for all children.

Go Bananas was awarded the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Best Toy Platinum Award.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: The "Toy Guru" is Odette Cabrera, a mother of two with a background in education and child development, and a very personal interest in toys that are fun, challenging and educational.

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