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Green DollhouseGreen Dollhouse

Green Dollhouse with furniture, PlanToys Inc., 3yr+, retail $199.00

Plan Toys has long been a promoter of all things green but they're new line of play products brings the reality of green living to the land of imaginary play.

The Green Dollhouse enables children to role play family life and the possibility of positively impacting the environment. This empowers young children with a greater understanding of what going green really means.

Young children, boys and girls alike, have the opportunity to play with this environmentally friendly toy that mimics the ultimate green home.

Children are introduced to green and alternative energy sources through a fun, hands-on approach. This really gives them a better understanding of what the grownups around them are talking about. Most homes are not currently generating electricity from alternative natural sources such as sun and wind, so children (and even parents) who may hear about this type of energy have no visual reference to pair it with. Now they do!

The Green Dollhouse
features a toy solar
panel, wind turbine,
and rain collector.


PlanToys Green Dollhouse features a model wind turbine and solar energy panel to harness natural power and transfer it to the electrical inverter as an example of possible home energy use. Collecting rain in a mock-up rain collector provides water for the home. A replica of a green facade helps control and maintain the appropriate temperature of the house, and a shade canopy that can be put up or down to regulate the wind and sunlight coming into the house. Recycling bins incorporated onto the side of the home reinforce practical home activities.

Setting up your green dollhouse

It took us a total of 28 minutes to go from box to play, with kid assistance. Instructions were simple to follow, tools, screws and parts were all clearly marked and packaged for easy removal (no twisty ties, bolts or screws).

Children can customize their home with furniture and accessories. The Green Furniture Set is made of eco-friendly rubberwood and vetiver grass board. The set has 5 rooms worth of furniture; Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Children's Bedroom, and Master Bedroom.

The Crew enjoyed hours of reoccurring open ended make-believe play. The lessons learned from this fun experience go far beyond the small and gross motor skills, the language development, social interaction and creative learning experience. Little ones get the opportunity to play with safe chemical free toys, use their imagination, and learn that it is possible to live in harmony with nature. You can't beat that.

Plan Toys, Inc. utilizes totally green manufacturing. Their toys are made from Kiln Dry, Chemical free rubber wood, bonded with E-zero glue (formaldehyde-free), color added is water based, non-toxic colors, package printing is soy &water based inks.

Plan Toys, Inc is not just environmentally responsible when it comes to toy making. They also promote social and environmental awareness and responsibility by supporting a reforestation program, a Children's Museum, and The Children 7 Community Club.

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