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Guess Who

Guess Who Game Suggested age range: six years and older.

For two players, this game moves quickly. By asking questions that require only yes or no answers, players must figure out who is on their opponent's card.

Younger children can play this game without having a strategy. As they get better, children know what questions eliminate the most people. Deduction, reasoning, logic, all are enhanced by playing this fun version of twenty questions.

Because this game moves so quickly it is great for making a tournament event, especially at holiday dinners or family get togethers where there are a lot of children. Just break out the Guess Who and see who wants to play winner!

Object of the game: Determine who the mystery person is on your opponent's card before yours is figured out.

How to play the game: Take turns asking simple questions about each other's mystery person. By a process of elimination, knock down the people you know it cannot be. Eventually, you will have only one or two cards standing and be able to make an educated guess as to who your opponent's mystery person is. If you are right, you win!

Why parents love this game:

  • It is a quick game

  • No batteries needed

  • Encourages taking and waiting for turns

  • Develops deduction and reasoning

  • It is a great tournament game

  • Enhanced memory, concentration, and logic skills

  • Helps children learn how to verbalize the similarities and differences they see in people

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Guess Who



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