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GX Racers

GX Racers; Jakks Pacific, ages 6+, MSRP $5.99US and up.

gx-racer toy carsRemember playing with a gyroscope when you were a kid? It was absolutely amazing that the simple pull of a string could make it spin so fast and the way it seemed to defy gravity was captivating, a fantastic mix of scientific discovery and fun. Now Jakks Pacific has harnessed the gravity defying power and speed of the gyroscope with the new GX Racers. The GX Racers are 1:64 scale cars with something more than common engine power under the hood. Built around interchangeable gyroscope as its motor, these cars are capable of a number of quite amazing acts. There are different types of gyro motors, each with its own specific characteristics; made for speed, for stunts, and for jumps. GX Racers are a revolutionary concept of extreme stunt cars that can perform spins, flips and drifts.

They satisfy the need for speed and the inclination to perform fearless stunts with your miniature race car and take racing to a new level. The cars come in individual packs, twin-packs and a variety of play sets. Each basic pack contains the car, a gyro motor and a ripcord; simply snap the gyro into the car, insert the ripcord, pull back and watch it go - at extraordinary speeds! They can be used with or without a track. The Speed Assortment packs also come with a regular track engine, so you can use your GX Racer on any 1:64 scale track, a nice addition that makes the car more versatile. The Crew had a blast with these. What they liked most, besides the crazy tricks and super fast speed (of course), was that the gyro engines are interchangeable. You can make a speed racer into a stunt car and vice versa, they really thought that was a cool aspect of these little speedsters.

Add to this thrill ride the accessories that are available like the GX 360 Spinway, a two sided obstacle course that kids steer their gyro mobiles through, or the GX Turbo Launcher revs up and shoots the racer out at 700 scale mph, we didn't actually clock it but it's pretty fast. GX Racers have solid appeal for kids ages 6 and up, including many a Dad. They come in a wide range of car styles, and paint designs, add that to the intrigue of the gyro technology, and ease of use and these stunning performance micro stunt cars are definitely fun for all ages.


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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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