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Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry ORecommended for ages 3-6.

Take turns picking cherries off the cherry tree and putting them in your basket. How many you get to pick depends on what number the spinner lands on. might have to put some cherries back if the spinner tells you to. Be the first one to collect ten cherries in your basket and you win!

There is no reading required to play, so any age can play. Older children can take turns with the spinner and younger children can just learn counting skills by putting cherries into baskets.

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a fun game without the high level energy or noise of some kids' board games. There is a low level of competition and some element of disappointment when kids have to put cherries back or even start over. It is a good beginning game to learn how to overcome setbacks and not give up.

The cherries are "ripe" for the eating around younger kids so adult supervision is necessary when toddlers join in the fun.

Why parents love this toy:

  • All ages can play

  • No batteries needed

  • Encourages counting and taking turns


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