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Jump Rope - Old Fashioned Fun That Will Never Get Old

Jump RopeJumping rope is for babies right? Maybe not so some video clips of some amazing jumpers showing their stuff.

Before you knew it was good for you, jumping rope was fun.

There were all different kinds of rhymes and songs that could be jumped to any speed whether you used one rope or two. Take a listen to the children today jumping rope. They sing the same rhymes and songs as if they invented them. Jumping rope is brand new to them.

Can they even imagine that us old folks used to not only jump rope but to the same words?

Never mind grown ups and double dutch.

Jumping rope is really good for keeping your heart in shape. The same way some parents need to disguise vegetables, some parents need to disguise exercise. This is a great way to do that. Children are too busy having fun that they don't realize that they are burning calories and building muscle. Jumping rope for about 15 minutes can burn enough calories to equal a candy bar.

Looking for something that is a little more competitive? Jumping rope might be for you! There are workshops that will even teach you how to jump rope. Many children have been inspired to learn how to jump rope after they watched "Jump In", a Disney Channel Original Movie.

Do you have children who are interested in helping their community and like to jump rope? Jump Rope for Heart might be something of interest that you can share and get started in your neighborhood.

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