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Lolle Lavina, Kathe Kruse doll

Lolle Lavina, Kathe Kruse dollLolle Lavina: made in Donauworth, Germany by Kathe Kruse, retails $122.95- $169.95 US, for ages 3+.

"The hand follows the heart " is the motto of the Kathe Kruse doll studio. It is the oldest family-owned and operated toy company in Germany, and they have been making dolls in the traditional way for over 100 years.

Children are the focal point of each Kathe Kruse creation. It is Kathe Kruse's belief that, "The doll is something to be loved."

During Christmas 1905, Kathe Kruse sat down to make her little girl Mimerle the baby doll she so longed for. She took a soft, cotton towel tied arms and legs, filled it with sand for realistic weight, and attached a potato for a head. Viola! The first Kathe Kruse Puppe (doll) was born.

That first primitive doll fulfilled an important need; it was soft, warm, and a little bit heavy, just like a real baby. Naturally, the first doll did not last long and so many other versions of the famous potato doll followed. To this day, each doll made by Kathe Kruse is handmade.

Lolle Lavinia is an adorable, handmade, soft doll. Lolle and each item of her clothing are made by hand. It takes from 16 to 36 hours to make each completed doll. During that time, it will pass through the hands of 8 to 10 craftspeople and artists. Lolle Lavinia is 21 inches tall and has a soft, huggable body that is stuffed with cotton wool.

Her soft little hands have stitched fingers and a thumb. Her long, auburn hair is made from kanekalon, the same material used for human wigs. It is soft, shiny, and easy to brush. Lolle's face is hand painted; she has a mischievous smile and twinkle in her eye that will steal your heart instantly. Her head is made from nonyphenol-free and phthalate-free vinyl. This makes Lolle a safer doll for your little one to love, play and cuddle with. She is wearing a flowered dress with candy striped Capri pants, little rubber rain boots and a soft, lime green jacket. Additional outfits and accessories are available as well.

Since she is soft, she is easier than hard-bodied dolls to dress, especially for smaller hands. You just stuff her feet into the adorable little boots with no struggle. She is hand washable, so don't worry if she gets dragged on every play date, or to the park.

Simple and realistic dolls are generally the best for dramatic play and all around child development. Dressing and feeding dolls enhances fine-motor skills. When children assume roles and interact with other children, they further develop language and social skills, including cooperation, problem solving, and sharing. They begin to see the different roles people play and learn their own place in the world.

Lolle is ready to play, snuggle, hug, and be a pal. Her box says… "I love my rubber boots. No puddle is ever too big, no sea monster too dangerous. You are my good fairy. When I grow up I want to be just like you!"

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.

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