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kota the triceratopsKota The Triceratops

Kota the Triceratops; Hasbro/Playskool, Recommended age 3+, Supports up to 60 pounds, retail price ~ $300 Generations removed from Chatty Cathy and Talking Barbie, today's interactive toys are amazingly realistic — Kota the Triceratops is as much a pet as a toy.

Kota comes equipped with sensors in eleven different areas that let the toy dinosaur respond to petting by moving his head, tail and horns... and making very unscary roaring sounds. He also answers with a soft roar when kids talk to him.

Did we mention that you can actually feed the dino? It comes with "leaves" that you fold up and put in Kota's mouth — and he gobbles them up. No, he doesn't poop, which may disappoint three and four year olds, but should make mom and dad happy!

This plush robotic toy doesn't walk (that will probably be on sale next year), but it's strong enough to hold a 60 pound (~ 30 kilo) child.

It's bouncy and soft with a spring loaded seat to let little ones "ride" and a hidden handle to hold on to so even little ones still working on balance can stay put... and Kota can sing a selection of songs to the rider's delight.

For three year olds and up, when many kids can't get enough of dinosaurs - stickers, little plastic figures, books and museum visits - this keep-at-home triceratops is fantastic. Exploring prehistoric lands perched on Kota's back is an exciting adventure guaranteed to spark creativity and imagination.

Six "D" batteries, which are not included, keep the dino active. You may want to invest in rechargeable batteries if you don't already have them.

You'll find Kota in the top spot on many of the 2008 hot toy lists. The suggested retail price is around US$300, but we've seen it for much less than that online.

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