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Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle SystemLazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System

Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System; Hasbro, MSRP $89.99, recommended ages 8+ Since the 1970's, and the release of the Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy, laser inspired toys have been hot. Add to that the rise in popularity of paintball gaming and you have what every kid wants to do but can't. Lazer tag is the perfect segue and at home lazer tag is even better. Hasbro Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System was a big hit with the Crew, what can I say, they just had a great time. We mixed it up, boys, girls, even Moms and Dads. We had madness and mayhem, laughing, buzzing, panting, beeping, just a blast. We had no difficulty with our PHOENIX LTX taggers but I have had it mentioned that some guns can have trouble with hit recognition. Again we did not have any problems. The set comes with two PHOENIX LTX taggers (blue and gold), two electronic sights, and two shot blast attachments, along with one game training module. A unit that registers scored shots is built right into each tagger so there is no need for a separate sensor. The game module hooks up to your TV for single video game style play or target practice. Each lazer tagger requires 6 AA batteries which are not included. The video game module for use with CRT (cathode ray tube) TV only, it is not for use with projection TV, high definition TV or plasma TV. There are four settings to choose from: Solo, Team 1, Team 2, and if you place the switch between team 1 and team 2, there is a team 3. Each selection is announced through the gun's speaker by a futuristic voice. Once you've made your gaming-style choice, pull the trigger to begin the countdown to the match. Firing results in a pretty loud, star wars like, "zapping" sound, simulated recoil, and a flashing glow, supplied by the tagger's rear light. On the back left side of the tagger is your health status and on the right side you'll find your ammo count . Inside the trigger guard front is a shield button. Activate the shield and you hear an electromagnetic "wah wah" sound, letting you know that you are now protected by your, bu-bu-buh-mmm, invisible safety shield. It only lasts a few seconds but the cool factor is way high! When you get hit the PHOENIX LTX tagger's sensor buzzes and flashes a blaring red, you are momentarily disarmed and unable to blast back. Drat! Set to outdoor mode and at maximum power we were able to tag each other to a bit over 30 feet apart. But be careful you will find yourself in Special ops mode pretty quickly, we just could not help rolling out of view, ducking behind bushes, belly crawling. It was quite a sight. The Phoenix LTX is backwards compatible with the older Laser Tag Team Ops. A really nice option if you already own the earlier models.


Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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