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Life, the board game Children learn by imitating. They love to pretend to be all grown up. Playing the Hasbro Game of Life gives them the chance to do just that. Get married, go to college, have children, get a job or lose a job.

Making decisions in real life can be difficult, but in the game of Life the consequences aren't real, yet it provides an opportunity to discuss what could happen in real life if that were to happen.

This game is for two to six players so there will be people that have different jobs with different incomes, different size families, and different levels of education.

How do people interact with people who are different than them? Does having more money make life easier? Does going to college really mean getting a better job? Character development isn't always easy or fun. When you play this game, it is!

Object of the game: Retire with the most money.

How to play the game: Move your game piece along the board according to the number you spun on the spinner. Collect Life tiles and money as you go through life. The person with the most tiles and money wins!

Why parents love this game:

  • Children get to pretend to be all grown-up

  • No batteries needed

  • Encourages taking and waiting for turns

  • Great opportunity for teachable moments

  • It is a great family activity

  • Encourages children to overcome obstacles when trying to reach a goal

  • Since it is not a game based on skill, children can feel good about themselves when they legitimately beat the grown-ups!

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