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Lucky Ducks

Lucky DucksRecommended Age: 36 months - 6 years
Batteries: 2 C batteries required.

Little ducks make quacking sounds and swim around a motorized pond while you try to catch them!

It is a great way for young toddlers to learn shapes and colors, as each little duck has a colored shape on its bottom. The idea is to find the matching shapes.

Since the ducks are moving around, there isn't really an easy way to remember which shape is on which duck, so it keeps kids interested in identifying them all.

Moms : If the incessant "quacking" gets to be too much, put the base away and just play with the ducks. Can your kids put all their ducks in a row? Teach them how with a stationary memory game. Look for all of one shape, or begin a "find the color" game.

Since they float, the ducks also make great bath toys.

Why parents love this toy:

  • All ages can play

  • Batteries needed but the ducks can be played with separately without batteries

  • Encourages shape and color recognition

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