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Magna-Tiles : Best Toy For Your Money

Magna-TilesSimple concept…squares, triangles, rectangles. Make them magnetic and watch your children create magic.

Magna-Tiles are 3-D magnetic tiles that come in 5 basic shapes: small squares, right triangles, isosceles triangles, equilateral triangles, and large squares.

The 32 piece kit comes with an instruction guide. The sets can be purchase in the standard colors or in fascinating clear colors.

Other sets are available that include unique pieces that have holes, are curved, a magnetic door and a wheeled piece.

Why parents love this toy:

  • Children always come back to it play with it - hours of tactile play!

  • It develops a familiarity with geometric shapes.

  • It lays a strong foundation for advance mathematics, such as geometry and calculus.

  • Children love it.

  • Allows for children's imaginations to flourish with creativity play.

  • Adults have fun creating and playing with or without children

  • Children are encouraged to explore and create.

  • They are basically childproof - indestructible.

  • The face on children when they create their magic structures and designs

  • Placed in a ziplock bag it makes a great traveling TOY!

As a mother of two girls I strongly recommend this toy for girls. Research tells us that there are significant imbalances between women and men in the areas of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education and employment in these professions. This toy helps create a comfort level with concepts that will help foster interest in these STEM areas later during school and life.

Magna-Tiles has also won several awards from organizations that do all the research we busy adults do not always get to: Parent's Choice Gold Award, Parenting Winner Toy of the Year, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products and the Early Childhood News Award.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: The "Toy Guru" is Odette Cabrera, a mother of two with a background in education and child development, and a very personal interest in toys that are fun, challenging and educational.

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