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Star Wars Marbs

Star Wars marbsStar Wars Marbs: Jakks Pacific, recommended age 6+, MSRP $3.99

People young and old have been playing marbles for thousands of years. The first mass-produced marbles were created in Akron Ohio in 1884. The small spherical toys are such a significant part of Americana that they have a museum in their honor.

The beauty of marbles has intrigued collectors the world over. Now the newest addition to the marble world has arrived; a big, shiny shooter with awesome designs. Calling fans of all things Star Wars, Jedi Knights & Masters, Padawans, Troopers, and Wookies. Get ready to use the force to help you find the newest in astounding collectibles.

Marbs are collectible marbles specially developed to celebrate the best characters and vehicles from the hugely popular Star Wars films. Whose following has grown to iconic proportions. Dubbed the Biggest Little Collectibles Ever, the new Star Wars Marbs are aiming to be a mammoth hit with devoted Star Wars collectors and Marble enthusiasts alike. A new series is scheduled to be released every season through winter 2010. The first series released in March of 2009 was Series 01 - Episode I The Clone Wars, features 12 marbles, with central characters like Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku, the Twilight Star Fighter, and Limited Edition Platinum Ziro the Hutt. Each Marbs comes with its own detailed display base. Aficionados can look forward to Series 02 - Episode IV A New Hope, with Series 03 - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Series 04 - Episode VI Return of The Jedi, Series 05 - The Clone Wars 2nd Edition, Series 06 - Episode I The Phantom Menace, Series 07 - Episode II Attack of the Clones, Series 08 - Episode III Revenge of The Sith soon to follow.
All Marbs collectible marbles are numbered and each series will include rare limited editions. Enter to win a limited edition Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Marbs collectible.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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