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MonopolyMonopoly has been around since 1935.

Now a family classic, there is also something to be said for a game that can coin catch phrases.

Have you ever heard people say they got a get out of jail free card? What about, "Do not pass go! Do not collect 200 dollars" Or, "I might as well get paid in Monopoly money." These are monoply phrases that have become part of our everyday vernacular.

If played by the rules, this game is not for small children. There is reading, critical thinking, math, banking, and keeping track of properties involved that can make this game difficult to understand. Little ones, around 8 and up, can still play just modify the game. I remember when my sister and I were little, playing our own version of Monopoly. We left out the houses and just collected money from each other when we landed on the other's propery spaces.

Monopoly is a very serious game for some players. Parents be prepared to be evicted by children landlords, children be prepared to be sent to jail. Softees need not participate. There are even Monopoly tournaments and competitions.

Monopoly is available in many different editions, in 26 different languages. You can even get the DVD version.

Object of the game : To bankrupt all of your opponents as quickly as possible. (This is where the softees have trouble.)

How to play the game : One person is selected to be the banker and this person is in charge of distributing and collecting money throughout the game, except when it is being exchanged from renter to landlord. Each player starts with $1,500.00 in monopoly money.

This money will be used to purchase properties and later pay income tax, rent to other property owners, the fee to get out of jail. Work your way around the board according to the roll of the die. If you land on a Community Chest or a Chance card space, draw the appropriate card and follow the instructions.

If someone lands on a property you own, they pay you rent. If you land on a property someone else owns, you owe them rent. If the landlord doesn't see the person on their property and next person has already rolled - the landlord lost the opportunity to collect. So pay attention!

The properties are color coded and in order to build up your property value you want to build houses on the properties. First, buy all of the properities in one color. Then, as you can afford to, put houses on them. Houses will be liquidated in order to pay someone rent if you don't have the cash.

Does someone have a property you want? Maybe you can trade it for something you have. Keep the rapport reasonable with the other players. Remember, you catch more flies with honey. No one will trade with a mean, nasty player!


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