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Pictionary There is no question about it. The other name for this game should be Quick Draw. It isn't about how great of an artist you are. It is how quick you can draw something that makes your team guess your word!

If you have teams of people who know each other very well or think on the same wave length - watch out. As kids, my sister and I were the team to beat. All she had to do was draw the two sides of a triangle for me to guess "circus" and we won the turn.

Today, when I play with my little ones I alter the rules a bit — using only words or phrases previously chosen by them. The deck of cards actually becomes small pieces of paper on which their words are written. This way everyone has a fair shot at knowing how to draw at least one word or phrase.

Object of the game: Make it from start to finish before anyone else can.

How to play the game: Players take turns drawing clues for their team to guess the word on the card drawn. There are different categories, P for person, place, or animal; O for object; A for action; D for difficult and AP for All Play which can be any type of word.

After you roll the die, move to the appropriate square. Draw the corresponding card and choose one member of your team to draw what is on the card. If your team does not guess it before the timer runs out, your team's turn is over.

Play then moves to the team on the left. If a team lands on an AP, then all teams get to choose one person to draw and all teams guess at the same time. Whoever guesses the word correctly first wins control of the board regardless of who started the turn. There is a final word at the end of the board that must be guessed correctly in order to win the game. It is an AP, so all teams get to play and try to keep whoever is trying to win from winning.

If your team guesses correctly, but is not the one in control of the board, it doesn't matter. You must be the team in control of the board and guess it correctly to win!

Why parents love this game:

  • It is a great generational game

  • Requires team work

  • Develops quick thinking skills

  • Enhances small motor skills

  • Keeps everyone laughing!

More about Pictionary:

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: The "Toy Guru" is Katrina Cramer-Diaz, a mother of four with a very personal interest in toys that are fun, challenging and educational.


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