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Razor Vapor

Vapor blasterRazor Vapor: Razor, MSRP $12.99+ US , ages 14+

So, welcome Razor into the world of play shooters. Yes, I said shooter not scooter.

Of course Razor is best known for its uber cool scooter and ride on lines but what most people don't know is that the brain behind Razor started his toy career in yo-yo's.

So it's not really too big a surprise that the company that planted a scooter in every home start to branch out of the ride on world and reinvent a few different toy classics.

So into the hand held toy shooter land they plunged, with a bang.

An environmentally friendly, water based, gel shooter bang that is. Razor introduced the Vapor Atlas 250, a smaller hand held, pull trigger shooter that holds 50 rounds of ammo at a time and can shoot up to 60 feet. They followed it up with the larger, pump and trigger, rifle like action of the Vapor Delta 500 with removable stock.

This bad boy holds 100 rounds of ammo for continuous play and has the capability to shoot distances up to 80 feet. Each shooter comes with a starter pack of ready to use ammo.

The Atlas comes with a 250 pack of yellow gel ammo and the Delta with a pack of 500. You can also buy refill packs separately.

The starter packs are good for the initial play but we definitely recommend you plan on a refill pack because the Crew loved these.

They shot targets, trees, Frisbees, walls, and on occasion each other. They had a really great time, ran around for quite some time each test we did.

Parents loved that the ammo is made of gel pellets that are 99% water and evaporate on their own, so no mess to clean up. The pellets last as long as you keep them in a sealed container, moist and out of the heat and sun.

We suggest safety eyewear just as a precaution. Our Crew ranged in age from 9 to 15, both boys and girls. We never under cut manufacturer age recommendations' because of safety factors and we always suggest you play with your kids and enjoy the fun.

Just in case you are wondering Razor does have extreme yo-yo's as well.

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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