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RiskOriginating in France in 1957, Risk made its way into the United States in 1959.

Since then, it has become an American favorite.

This game may take a long time to play. Carve out at least an hour, if not eight, to play what is known as the ultimate strategy game. Not bad, considering you will have taken control of the world by the time the game is finally over. You can't really beat that!

This game is also a lot of fun. There is counting involved, not to mention a lot of patience. Some people say that where you place your original armies will make or break your chances of winning in the end. That might be true, but your strategy along the way is crucial as well. Anyone who likes to be in control will love playing this game.

This game is not for small children. It takes consumate concentration, and it involves too many concepts that the average child won't grasp, (other than the wanting to rule the world part.) Even children who enjoy playing with their army men will be fast asleep long before this game is over.

Object of the game : To conquer all 42 territories on the board!

How to play the game : There are many different versions of this game depending on how many players are involved. The basic version is simple. All players choose what color they want to be. Depending on how many people are playing, everyone is given a certain amount of militia to start with. Roll the die to see who will go first. High roll wins. Going in order each player distributes the men in his, or her, army one at a time.

Some rules say you can choose your territories to start, others say that territory cards determine which ones you will be defending. Regardless of which way you start this game, the idea is to attack each connecting territory and ultimately take over all of the territories on the board. The ins and outs are somewhat tricky and involve territory cards, a special area on the board for combat, how many die the attacker uses versus the defender in combat, etc.

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