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Scrabble Suggested age range: eight years and older.

How many words can you make with seven tiles? If you use all seven in one word you get fifty points!

And if you can get away with it — make one up! Having an ivy league vernacular is not a requirement in this race to earn the most points. Since each letter is worth a certain amount of points, strategic placement and quick thinking are more important in the long run. Spelling is made fun and competitive. Just make sure you have a dictionary handy!

After all the years this game has been around, the original is still a family favorite. With tiles made of wood, even the tiniest hands can hold onto the letters and learn all kinds of new words. My children loved collecting all the letters in their names. I could always tell when they had gotten into the game closet when I would find scrabble versions of my children's names in different places around the house.

Object of the game: Score as many points as you can by putting words together from the tiles you are dealt.

How to play the game: Each player is dealt seven tiles. Take turns, making a word each time, trying to earn as many points possible per turn. There are special squares on the board, double and triple word score, that can make a huge difference in your efforts. There are strict rules, no names or slang, that make this simple game sometimes quite controversial. One of the basic staples required to play this game seriously is a sense of humor!

Why parents love this game:

  • No batteries needed

  • Encourages taking and waiting for turns

  • Encourages creativity and quick thinking

  • Helps children learn how to spell different words

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