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Spark Kick Scooter

Spark Kick ScooterSpark kick scooter; by Razor, recommended ages 8+, Weight Limit: 143lbs, MSRP $69.99. Replacement cartridges 2pk/9.99

Well just when you thought the scooter might be becoming old hat, Razor decides to add a new spark, and I do mean that literally.

The new Razor Spark kick scooter is a fun new twist on the best selling kick scooter. With the iconic Razor scooter design available in blue, red and clear/black, and patent-pending sparking mechanism this scooter is sure to ignite fun and turn heads.

Kids scoot as usual but when they hit the foot controlled sparking mechanism, that's when the sparks fly. The Spark Scooter utilizes a Spark Cartridge containing 5 flint pads for more sparks. It comes with one replacement cartridge that was easy enough to put in. After that, you can purchase them in 2 packs from local stores. It is hard to say exactly how long the flint pad lasts because there are varying factors, but the Crew put some miles on ours and it's still sparking. We could see the sparks day and night but the coolest effect was the slow trail of sparks best seen after dark.

Kids love scooters and we love to see the kids outside having some good healthy fun. We didn't mention that there was anything different about this scooter we just handed it over to the Crew. First we got the somewhat disappointed, "it's a scooter!" response, with a hint of "seriously" in their voices. So we let them go. The first time they hit the brake we heard, "Whoa you just blew sparks, man!", "No way!", "Swee-eet!". Yeah, gotta love the surprise reaction of an ubercool tween! They went from blasé attitude to excited kids with the cool new toy attitude in under 90 seconds! Then the sparking competition began.

I am going to strongly recommend kids not ride in areas that may contain combustibles, just to be on the safe side. Common sense is vital for safe and fun play. Safety gear should be worn and basic precautions should be taken at all times. *Razor always advocates safety and recommends riders wear the proper safety gear, use common sense and check and obey local laws regarding use of any such product on public property.

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