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Spike the Ultra DinosaurSpike the Ultra Dinosaur

Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur; Fisher Price, ages 3-8, MSRP $189.99USD Meet Spike the Ultra Dinosaur. He stands a pretty impressive 27 inches tall. That's gargantuan considering that the average preschooler is only about 10 inches taller than that. This was a huge hit with the crew and the parents. Spike has a really kid friendly wireless remote control, with easy to understand, large buttons. The remote's distance is about eight feet. Spike's main battery, a rechargeable (9.6 Volt) NiMH, has to be charged for four hours before you can use him. How often it has to be charged after that depends on usage. Note if you are giving Spike as a gift you might want to charge the battery ahead of time to avoid the disappointment of having to wait to play. You'll need 3 AA batteries, not included, for the controller.

Turn him on and he yawns and smacks his lips. Then play away. He stomps big, awkward, beast steps each one with a thunderous boom. He sniffs the ground and when he smells something that tickles his nose he will sneeze and nice big Ra-choo!

Keep going and it gets better. Press a button, turn on the calypso style, 'jungle music' and dance along. He will hold the plastic boulder in his mouth, then spit it out and burp (okay he needs to work on his manners.)

Fisher Price has topped off their Imaginext dinosaur line with a winner. Spike the Ultra Dinosaur stomps, laughs, sniffs, grunts, and lest we forget that monstrous rroaar.... did we mention that the spikes up and down his back light up? Pretty impressive for a toy dinosaur that seems to be a cross between an Apatosaurus and a Stegasaurus. If you stop playing and accidentally forget to turn Spike off, he will go to sleep, snoring and all, and then switch off automatically. Spike the Ultra Dinosaur is big, loud and flashy and can be a bit startling to younger children. You should keep this in mind if considering buying for your little one. If your pint sized Paleontologist is into dinosaurs then this is going to bring quite a few hours of adventure.

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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