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Stardoll - fame, fashion and friendsStardoll

Have you ever dreamed of dressing the stars? Now you can - online!

On there is a tremendous list of well known celebrities including Faith Hill, Miley Cyrus, HIllary Duff, and dozens of others. Click on a name and you will see a look-a-like doll on the screen of that star that you can dress up.

The wardrobe is immense with up to date fashion so you can really deck your star out in style. Or you can dress them up in something they would never get caught wearing in public!

My girls can't seem to get enough of this site. One of the best parts for me as a parent, besides the fact that it is free, is that I know they are safe to wander around and explore the site. There are areas that aren't free and can still be accessed, but nothing visitors design or decorate will be saved unless they become a member. There are new dolls added to the free section frequently so it never gets boring. Just click on the dolls and games tab and off you go!

Hillary Duff dress up
Hillary Duff is only one of the
favorite stars you can
dress up on Stardoll.


If you choose to become a member you will have full access to all areas of the site. There are over 20 million members to date. Not only will you be able to design your very own me doll but you will also be able to design the suite you live in and create your own club for friends to join and chat with you.

When you join you are given 25 star dollars to spend anyway you wish. You can buy clothes from the top designers in the fashion industry or furniture to put in your new suite! If you know someone who is a stardoll fanatic and has a birthday coming up get them a stardoll gift certificate!

Stardoll is fun for all ages because you can just play dress up with the celebrities or you can get involved in an entire designing world. Where you go is up to you!

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