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Toys for Boys

toys for boysJust up ahead, read toy reviews and discover more about the latest and greatest toys for boys perfect for birthday gift giving, graduation milestones, or for providing that special thrill ("...hey, that's just what I wanted!") on Christmas morning... Know what boys like?

While child experts maintain that its all about nurture vs nature, most boys are still drawn to action and adventure when it comes to toys on their top wish lists.

As cap guns and pretend shoot 'em ups are now frowned upon by most parents and teachers, (remember Ralfie's special request in A Christmas Story?), today those politically incorrect playthings have been replaced by cleverly disguised facsimiles. Fighting aliens, toy lazer tag systems, and even 'international man of mystery' spy gear are still the stuff that dreams are made of for most boys whose imaginations are sparked by the latest kids' movies and TV cartoon series.

In the modern toy market, major emphasis is also put on super heroes who regularly do battle against the forces of evil! Think Spiderman, Superman, Batman - as well as the latest in a long line of toys providing boys with imaginative play like Ben 10 and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Not to be outdone, educational toys for boys feature the latest in sophisticated robotics, science, engineering, and spacecraft construction and engineering projects for budding scientists and space pioneers ...

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Arrowcopter Spark Kick Scooter Transformers Bumblebee
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Spike the Ultra Dinosaur XPV R.A.D
Dueling Racers Spy Gear Signal Launcher Yackle Ball
EyeClops Night Vision Star Wars Marbs Yo Baby Action Board
GX Racers Millennium Falcon Kite Zometools Adventurer Kit
Lazer Tag Battle System Nerf Hammer Shot Triple Action Solar Car Kit

Recommended Educational Toys for Boys

Beyond Chess Discovery Animal Scanopedia Haba Ball Construction Set
Boggle Jr. Georello 3D Gear Tech Match It! - Math
Coin Dominoes Georello Kaleidogears Q-B A-MAZE

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