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Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee

Transformers Ultimate BumblebeeHasbro. Recommended for ages five and up, 14 inches tall, approximate retail price $89.99

Ultimate Bumblebee stands a lofty 14 inches tall. It is probably the tallest transformer toy I've seen and really very detailed. As is the point of the "Transformer" it transforms from car to robot with full animatronics, equipped with a plasma cannon. Ultimate Bumblebee's car form is a polished 2008 Camaro, with bright yellow finish and black racing stripes. The headlights are blue and very intense, while the backlights sparkle in red. The car seems to roll on carpet and hard surfaces without difficulty. The front doors can open, but unfortunately, there is no interior design. Opening the front doors requires a bit of force and the absence of seats, and a steering wheel, makes the effort futile. If you were so inclined you could set it on a shelf and display it like a regular collector's car. However, with all the bells and whistles that this toy has I think you might have a hard time not playing with it. Ultimate Bumblebee makes different sounds in car and robot mode. In vehicle mode it screeches and makes accelerating noises according to how you move it, it does not move on its own in car mode. When in robot mode it says different phrases, like "Let's roll out!" and "Take that, Decepticon!" It also makes battle sounds, shooting of the plasma gun and crushing movements. Bumblebee plays and jams to Devo's 1980's pop song, "Whip It." It says 17 phrases in all. Ultimate Bumblebee can be adjusted into any pose. He features an advanced animatronics design, which means he can move himself when in robot mode. His arms and wings move up and down, and his head moves from side to side. It seems to have full sound detection capabilities. It responds to noises, like clapping, by turning and making sounds. It has lots of moving pieces and initially it takes a bit of patience to put this thing together. Any kid who gets this will need a tolerant adult's assistance with the task. Disassembling the robot, can take several minutes the first time, but gets easier with repetition. Some pieces required an application of gentle force to assemble. There are pins on each shoulder that detect if you have put the arm in place correctly, if one of the pins is stuck it will not work properly. With practice and time you can transform Ultimate Bumblebee rather painlessly between his robot and his vehicle mode. Ultimate Bumblebee is perfect for older kids, toy collectors, and for adults with their inner child waiting to come out and play. If you are looking to buy this for your younger kids you should really consider their age and personality. I wouldn't recommend Ultimate Bumblebee for kids who are easily frustrated with assembly and small pieces or that want to have fun immediately. This toy is pretty intricate and it is not indestructible so if your child likes rough-and-tumble toy play, you might want to reconsider this particular transformer. There are many other simple flip-and-go transformer toys that can take rough play. Transformers began as a Hasbro toy line back in 1983, featuring toy vehicles that could transform into robots. Although today's Transformer has evolved from the transformer of yore, back in the day there were no bells and whistles. Today, they have their own movie franchise, with Ultimate Bumblebee starring in the Transformers Movie released in 2007.

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.



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