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Triton Three Wheel Cruiser

Triton Three Wheel Cruiser Robot ToyThe Triton: Three Wheeled Cruiser, ASA Products Inc., 5+, retail $379.00

So you haven't gotten on a bike since you were a kid. You just never learned to ride a two wheeler. Your balance is off? Just don't have the stability to ride a bike? Whatever reason you may have had for not riding a bike or taking advantage of the effortless, enjoyable cardiovascular workout, you can forget them now.

We have found the ultimate easy to ride trike, the Triton. It is not your ordinary trike, and although it isn't specifically designed for people with different abilities it really opens up bike riding for many who were previously not able to manage the traditional bike. It is designed for use by kids and adults, so ease of use and comfort are key elements in its design.

Unlike a traditional tricycle or bike you don't sit upright unsupported or leaning forward, you sit back in a seat more like a rowing machine, with full back support. Your legs are extended in front of you to pedal, not underneath you. Your steering is done by two hand controls at your sides, something like ski poles. The Triton has a unique and innovative, non-standard steering mechanism that makes riding a new and exciting experience.

When I say this not your traditional bike or trike ride, I mean it. The Triton offers a pleasant and stress-free ride, smooth slow down or agile stopping, and a nimble and natural ride. Your seat is approximately six inches off the ground, your hands are at your sides, and your legs are outstretched in front of you. Riding seems effortless but after awhile you realize you are working up a pretty good sweat! The Triton cruiser is uncomplicated and clear-cut to maintain with, no chain, caliper hand brakes, front freewheel mechanism, and inflatable tires. This is a trike for long comfortable rides on reasonably smooth surfaces. It is not for mountain or off road trekking. The Triton three wheeled cruiser sits rather low to the ground and has a tall flag attachment for the seat, it is important to use the flag so that you are more visible to others. It is also suggested that you ride on designated trails where there is little to no automobile traffic. It is important to wear proper safety gear and check and tighten fittings before riding, as you would before any long bike ride. Another key feature of the Triton and the Triton Pro cruisers are the adjustable frames that allows you to size them to the rider making riding comfortable for the whole family young and old, big or small. The Triton frame fits riders from 3' to 5'8" and supports up to 220 lbs., the Triton Pro fits riders who are 4' to 6'3" tall and weigh up to 250 pounds. When the Triton frame is made longer the turning radius increases, for sharper tighter turns you need to shorten the frame base. Safe, comfortable and durable, easy to ride, no greasy chains and easy maintenance, and the obvious health benefits of a light workout through self propulsion make the Triton an amazing ride for kids of all ages. Triton specs: Gears: Single Speed
Dimension: 40" L - 49.5" L-extended x 26.5" W x 24" H
Seat Height: 10" above the ground
Weight: 41 lbs
Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
Height Capacity: 3' to 5'8"
Wheel Size: 16" front; 12" rear
Length Adjustment: 7-slot adjustments for 9.5" length


Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.



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