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Trivial Pursuit

Trivial PursuitFirst introduced in the United States in 1982, Trivial Pursuit was a hit almost immediately. There is a certain magic that the game has that brings friends and family together all for one see who is smarter of course!

Clear your schedule for the night. This game may take a long time to play. There are tons of questions that range from extraordinary to obvious. Since this is a team game, the team must - or at least should - agree on the final answer.

This is where it gets fun. The debating among teammates can take a pretty good amount of time as well as be rip-roaring hilarious. Before starting the game, determine how long each team can take to mull an answer over. If you don't, you could be there for a while.

Look for the version of Trivial Pursuit that is geared especially towards children. With over 30 versions of Trivial Pusuit in the world there is bound to be one that your child will like. There is a Star Wars edition, a Nick edition, and a Vol. 6 for kids edition, to name only a few. The questions in these editions relate more to a timeline in history that they are likely to remember.

Can't get a group together in person? That's ok. Play Trivial Pursuit online!

Object of the game : To collect every piece of the pie, make it to the center of the board, and answer the final question correctly.

How to play the game : Every team starts out in the center of the board. Distribute the pie pieces, one of every color, to each team. Roll the die to see who goes first. High roll wins. Move your empty token the amount of spaces on the die. Another team asks your team a question in the category that you landed on. If you get it right, you go again. Once you have traveled down one of the spokes and out of the center of the board, you may go in either direction.

Whenever you land on the category's headquarter space, located at the end of each spoke, you are vying for that piece of the pie. If you answer correctly you may put that color piece into your token! Keep going in this manner until your token has all of the category pieces.

Once your token is full you must head to the center of the board. You may only stay in the center if you roll the exact number that will land you in the center. If you roll over you must keep moving and answer a question on one of the spokes. On your next turn, you may try again to land in the center. Once in the center, the other teams get to choose which category your final question will come from. By now they have all watched carefully and know which area your team is weakest in. Chances are that is the category they will choose. If you answer the question correctly you win! If you don't then you must leave the hub and land exactly again to get another shot.

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