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Trouble It is definitely more fun to play Trouble than it is to be in trouble!

The basic idea of this game is simple enough for the little tykes to understand and enjoy, but.for most kids the favorite part of the game by far is ... the popper. Not only does this plastic cover keep the die from getting lost, it makes the coolest "pop!" sound that keeps them intrigued for hours.

Object of the game: Travel all of your color pieces around the board and up into your home stretch to be the winner.

How to play the game: Each player pushes down on the popper to make the die jump. Move your color piece the amount of spaces according to the die. If you land on a space that is occupied by another player the piece in that spot must be returned to the starting gate. Get all of your pieces around the board and up into your colored path that leads to the popper. Once all your pieces are in line, you win!

Why parents love this game:

  • All ages can play

  • No batteries needed

  • Encourages taking and waiting for turns

  • Reinforces color recognition for younger children

  • It is a great family activity.

  • Encourages children to overcome obstacles when trying to reach a goal

  • Children can feel good about themselves when they legitimately beat the grown-ups!

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