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Twister If ever there was a party game, Twister is it! For children and adults alike, this game is always a hit. See who ends up tied up in knots!

You never know what your body can do until you have played this game. Twister stretches much more than the imagination! With the four different color columns, there is no excuse why you can't stretch your right hand to "Right Hand Blue" while you left hand is already on the color completely opposite and diagonal of "Right Hand Blue". That's what you think anyway, until you play.

Moves are dictated by a spin on the board. Just hope that the player designated as the spinner is a compassionate sort (meaning, quick!) - so that you don't have to hold your pose too long.

As for children, this game is really great for color recognition. It also teaches the difference between the right hand and left hand along with the left foot and right foot. Coordination and balance is a fun part of this game especially since little bodies have a harder time stretching as far as the floor mat asks them to. When that happens they just crawl over and under to get where they need to, taking everyone else out as they go. Children love knocking towers of blocks down. With this game they get to see towers of people fall down! How cool is that?

Object of the game: Be the last player standing.

How to play the game: Select a person to be the spinner. Each player has to position the hand or foot that the spinner has called out on the appropriate spot on the floor mat. Without falling down. The last person standing wins!

Why parents love this game:

  • All ages can play

  • No batteries needed

  • Teaches colors and directions, not to mention balance and coordination

  • Very minimul reading required

  • Great party game

  • Not a lot of pieces and floor mat is wipeable

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