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Ultimate Wall-E

ultimate wall-e toyUltimate Wall-E by Disney Consumer Products, Pixar Animation Studios, Thinkway Toys and WowWee, Recommended age 8+, retail price $384.99

Once upon a time an appealing little robot was the star in a strangely romantic movie. Brave WALL-E won the hearts of all who watched him. The makers of the movie were inspired to bring the robot to life... and the result is the Ultimate WALL-E.

This may be the ultimate geek toy. A real robot that can be controlled by a remote control and so much more. Using the remote control, it's easy to program WALL-E to move, dance and play.

The controls are set up to work with a pretty simple touch programming system so WALL-E can be 'taught' by making patterns on the remote control's touch pad. There are, literally, thousands of combinations of movements that can be programmed for the little guy. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Kids actually don't have any problem getting the hang of working the controls.

The voice activation and follow-me mode means WALL-E can follow the sound of a human voice and actually seems to 'know' when someone enters a room. It really does seem like the robot is responding to you... Kids are clamoring for the opportunity to make friends with their own little 'bot.

This version of the WALL-E robot has 10 built in motors that allow it to move around in ways that no kid's toy has ever been able to before. The special infrared sensors allow him to detect obstacles and steer around them, sonic ears that detect sound direction, and touch sensors add to the feeling that this toy is "real".

The Ultimate WALL-·E is also MP3 compatible which means favorite songs on your iPod can be filtered through the built-in speakers. Good news for owners - USB cables and rechargeable batteries are included.

In addition to the Ultimate WALL-E Thinkway and other WALL-E inspired robots there are action figures, playsets, a role-play WALL-E robot arm, novelties and collectibles for the ultimate Wall-E fan.

The recommended age for this "toy" is 8 or over, but many grownups have been caught by the spell of this charming little robot. It has equal appeal for girls and boys. The price tag is high, but with the rechargeable batteries and the wow factor... WALL-E is flying off the shelves and supplies are not going to last through the holiday season. There are less expensive versions: U Command Wall-E (109.99), Interaction Wall-E (69.99), Transforming Wall-E (59.99) and i-Dance WALL-E (41.99) — all look basically the same, but none of them can do all that Ultimate WALL-E can.

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