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Webkinz for kids all ages!

My daughter received her first Webkinz over six months ago. She thought it was a cute stuffed animal, but having just turned six she did not understand the new world she was being introduced to (I certainly did not).

Move over Beanie Babies. In a word, Webkinz is wonderful. My daughter and I registered her kitten two months ago. We took the tag and logged onto the Webkinz website and created her user name and her password. My daughter proceeded to choose a name and gender for her stuffed animal and to start her online life.

What do you do with Webkinz?: The main responsibility is to take care of your adopted stuff animal(s)!

Owners are given Kinzcash to buy pet food and items for your pet's room. Webkinz owners can spend time decorating their pets rooms, feeding them, gardening, chatting with other friends, or playing games and quizzes.

Every time your child signs in to they have options on how to spend their online time.

They can play games, enter contests, or answer trivia questions- after selecting their age range or level of difficulty. When the child logs into the website and goes to their pets room they are shown a little picture of their pet with symbols that let them know how happy, hungry, or healthy their pet is. It also let's them see the last time they visited their pet.

Why parents love Webkinz:

  • Children learn to take responsibility for something other than themselves.

  • Parents can monitor what their kids are doing on the site.

  • It's a safe activity children can do with their best friends together or securely via Kinzchat and Kinzchat cell.

  • It makes for a great reward and incentive for doing homework, chores and for good behavior.

  • has a great parent area that offers a large variety of topics on safety, learning tools, parent chat rooms, and tons more

  • It is fun to see children of all ages (adults, too) taking turns playing games and caring for the Webkinz pets.

  • Children are encouraged to read the Webkinz daily newspaper for the latest and greatest information.

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Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: The "Toy Guru" is Odette Cabrera, a mother of two with a background in education and child development, and a very personal interest in toys that are fun, challenging and educational.


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