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Wild Walls Dolphin Village

Wild Walls Dolphin Voyage-: Uncle Milton, ages 3+, MSRP. $29.99US. wild wallsLet your kids can answer the call of the wild... with Wild Walls! Wild Walls are really more room décor than toy per say, but given the imagination and fun factors we thought they deserved a slot in our review section. The set comes with a sheet of wall decals, in this case a 24-inch dolphin, the star of the show, and a much smaller sea turtle, starfish, coral cropping, and several tropical fish including the popular clown fish. They were easy enough to apply, but we would recommend a smooth wall surface. The wall decals are pretty cool all by themselves, especially if your kiddo is a dolphin or deep sea fan. Also included is the light/sound box or the Wallscape FX Activator. This is the magic maker: the FX Activator brings the lights and sounds to the room. It runs on battery power, 3AA batteries are included, can be mounted on the wall (includes mounting hardware), or left free standing. There are three settings, lights and wave and animal sounds, lights and waves, and just lights. To turn it off you need to hold the button steady for just 2 seconds. It will shut off automatically after 20 minutes, which is a nice feature for a nightlight, just in case your little one does fall asleep. Our crew used this during playtime, naptime, and bedtime. During playtime they enjoyed all the effects and even added some shadow and role play to the mix. There is nothing like adding the sea sounds and sea life to a good game of pirate. Arghh me Hardees! Nap and bedtime were different, the naptime crew were younger and preferred the water sounds with out the animals and loved the soothing blue wavy lights. Bedtime was with older children and they ran the gamut of light and sound but ultimately stuck with the water and light and let it run until they fell asleep. We would have preferred if the set had a volume control and adjustable timer, it just would have made it more versatile for younger children. All in all this is a pretty cool room addition. We enjoy that it enhanced imaginative and creative play and then set the soothing tone for rest. There are other sets available for the dinosaur lover, safari enthusiast, and shark week fan.

Toy Guru Toy & Game ReviewsAbout the Author: Mary Rose is a Mommy, a writer and an early childhood educator who believes in learning through play and the value of good toys.


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