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Manama, Bahrain
World Trade Center in
Manama, the capital
city of Bahrain

If it's your first foray into the Middle East, say experts, make it Bahrain.

While Arabic is the official language, English is widely understood throughout the country.

A group of 33 islands situated in the Arabian Gulf off the east coast of Saudi Arabia, "small but beautiful Bahrain" is where you'll find one of the hippest areas of the Arab world.

Here, modern hotels and restaurants join with a lively nightlife in the capital city of Manama, today considered to be on an equal par with any throughout the West.

For fun in the sun, the main island is surrounded by miles of Gulf coastal private and public beaches that are quite popular especially on weekends.

Although most travelers enter the country by air, the main island is linked to the mainland by the King Fahad Causeway, an astounding 15.5 mile long bridge and modern feat of engineering completed in 1986.

Rich in history (mainly due to the availability of a fresh water aquifer that has been fought over for millennia), Bahrain is home to many ancient castles and fortifications that are always well worth a visit. Also don't miss the mind-boggling array of historical artifacts found at the Bahrain National Museum.

For the sights, sounds and exotic scents of traditional Bahrain commerce, be sure to head over to the central market to barter over colorful textiles, gold jewelry, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, or anything else on sale that day.

DID YOU KNOW? Bahrain Travel Fun Facts

This way to the Tree of Life.

• While in Bahrain don't miss a visit to the famous Mesquite tree called the Tree of Life which is 400 years old and stands alone in the desert of Bahrain. (Its water source still remains a mystery.)

• The Bahrain World Trade Center is the world’s first skyscraper to have incorporated wind turbine in its design.

• Hungry for local news? Get your fix at the English-language Gulf Daily News based in Manama.

• In Bahrain, be adventurous! There are burger joints where you can order a camel burger with a side of fries.

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